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Chartered Professional Accountant

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.-

Sally Koch

Your Small Business Experts with AAA Service!


Clients come expecting a painful visit like going to a lawyer or dentist, but once they meet our team they are so much more comfortable. We have a lot of comments like “wow – you aren’t like other accountants, you are so easy to talk to and I don’t feel intimidated” – it’s amazing a lot of clients feel their accountants almost look down on them or dress in such a formal way that it makes them seem stiff and unapproachable. We want our clients to feel at ease and that its important for them to be comfortable talking to us, we WANT to here it all. Everything they tell us can help us help them more. The more we know them and/or their business (the good the bad and the ugly) the better equipped we are to work with them in coming up with the best plan moving forward. We also want clients to know that even with everything moving online, we are available in person. Some clients really like the personalized IN PERSON relationship, we get that and prefer it too!


Clients can count on us to get the work done and on time. We do what we can to ensure filings are done on time so they don’t get penalized. We are up-to-date on PD so clients know they can count on me to be doing the work to the highest and newest standards. Our quotes are guaranteed (actual will be the amount quoted or lower) so the can count on no surprise billings AND our work is guaranteed – if the CRA finds an error that we made – we fix it for free.


Our rates are very competitive and generally lower than other firms. We are able to offer such great rates because we don’t have the same overhead structure of some of the larger firms, but we also don’t believe in charging more just because I can. For example, many competitors start NTRs at $2000 and Reviews at $5000. So, we could easily be doing the same, however, we believe in charging based on the work done and fees based on our overhead and not what others are doing.

Services offered

Notice to Reader Fin​ancial Statem​ents - from $1,000 (includes the T2 Corporate Income Tax Return)

 * Notice to Reader Financial Statements without Notes to Financial Statements

 * Notice to Reader Financi​al Statements with Notes to Financial Statements

Notice to Reader Financial Statements are also kn​own as a compilation engagements, since the financial statements are being compiled on the basis of information provided by the management of the company. This form of financial statement is typically used when the main user of the financial statements is the government, as an attachment to the corporate income tax returns

Reviewed Financial Statements - from $2,500

A review engagement is conducted to provide limited assurance (negative assurance) that nothing has come to the attention of the accountant that causes them to believe that the financial statements are not fairly presented. This requires more work than a compilation and is therefore more expensive. This type of engagement is often required for significant bank loan or inactive shareholders. A review differs slightly from an audit and provides less assurance than an audit as no audit procedures are performed. Instead, a serious of analytical procedures and inquiry are performed. The procedures provide better understanding of key relationships among certain numbers and financial situations ​which provides assurance about the plausibleness of the financial condition presented in the financial statements.

Audited Financial Statements - from $9,500

Audited financial statements are needed to provide information to decision-makers. During a financial audit, a CPA confirms that the financial statements do not contain material errors. In case there are substantial errors, the CPA recommends corrective measures that comply with the required accounting principals “An audit enhances the confidence of users in financial statements through the expression of an opinion by the auditor on whether the financial statements are prepared in all material respects in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework. - The financial statements subject to audit are prepared by management with oversight from those charged with governance. An auditor is responsible to the shareholders and examines the company’s financial records and operations on their behalf to determine whether the information reported in the financial statements is presented fairly. The auditor communicates this assessment to shareholders through the expression of the audit opinion. If the auditor discovers the financial statements depart materially from the applicable financial reporting framework, this fact is disclosed in the auditor’s report

Trust E​xaminations - $150/hour OR Included with NTR or Reviewed Financial Statements

Real estate trust examinations are annual requirements for Real Estate Brokerages and are combined with either Reviewed Financial Statements for Notice to Reader Financial Statements depending on certain criteria. The exams include the Accountant's Report, Brokerage Report, Exceptions (if any) and set procedures to examine the books and records for real estate transactions to ensure full compliance of reporting requirements with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.


* Personal Income Tax Returns from basic to complex - from $100

* Corporate Income Tax Returns (Federal & Provincial) from basic to complex - from $900

* Estate & Trust Income Tax Returns - from $500

* Tax Planning for personal, corporate and estate taxes - $150/hour

Other Services & Support

* Bookkeeping - from $75/hour or set monthly/quarterly rates (contact us for a free no obligation quote)

* Payroll -  contact us for a free no obligation quote

* GST, PST, WCB - $100/return

* CRA audit or review assistance - $150/hour

* Consulting (Budgets, business plans, strategic planning, business growth, tax planning, succession planning, and other projects) - $150/hour

* Contract Work (non-compete/non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements are signed for all contract work to other accounting practices) - $150/hour

* Training  (accounting, bookkeeping and tax and/or related software training) - $150/hour OR contact us for an all-day training session rate that includes training, food and all materials and supplies.

* Student mentoring & tutoring services - $150/hour